Handicraft – The Traditional Indian Art

Handicraft – The Traditional Indian Art

Handicraft as the name suggests is the art of making various articles with hand. Also known as craft-work, this is an art to be learned by constant practice and firm determination. Handicraft is being associated with India for long. This is a prevalent art of the country since the Mughal reign. The handiwork products are specifically made by skilled artisans, who have gained proficiency by tradition.

It is a universal law, that everything changes with time and get dissolved in the flow of time. But, it seems that handicraft is an exception to this law. The reason being, it neither get changed nor vanished yet. However, now it is showing some signs of advancement. Influenced by the changing fashion trends, the art of handiwork is witnessing a significant change. The artisans are striving to give a contemporary look to the hand crafted products. The outcome of this change is really preferable.

Unlike the traditional products, the modern artifact products include candle holders, wooden coasters, Christmas hangings, fashion jewelry, photo frames and many more. These products are widely demanded the world over. Handicraft in India is not only helping millions of people in earning their bread, but is also a source of foreign exchange earning for the government. These handmade products are not only demanded in India but abroad.

Handicraft has really changed the picture of our world. No doubt, that hand crafted products are one of the best decoration items. Despite of so much modernization and technological advancement, these hand made craft items have not yet lost their charm. Instead, their national & international demand is constantly rising, crossing all the barriers.

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