Handicrafts are basically handmade goods either fully or part of the goods made using hand art & skills. Handicrafts are an integral part of Indian society although technologies and changes in society have come in trend. Since ancient times, India is one the biggest hub of handicrafts and worldwide known for handicraft industry. Peoples around the world love such attractive handmade craft items.

Many states of India are known for their unique handicraft productivity like Kashmir, Rajashthan, Asaam, Gujarat and South India. It is believed that Craft is the part of Indian culture. Though the trend has been changed, traditional crafts have their own place and preserved its existence with ultimate creativity, design full of colors and artistic designs.

Craft of each state in India reflects influence of different empires. Crafts of India diversified and various artisanary such as textiles & fabrics, paintings, paper craft, puppetry, clay & rock, wooden craft, brass and metal crafts, marble craft and more. Craftsman produces products like Handicraft of India is also as varied as the culture of India.

Crafts Arcade is a online venture from Gujarat, India. With aim to make incredible craft available online for the Indian and the craft lovers world-wide, Crafts Arcade established with imperative collection of Indian handmade craft items.